Best goals of 2018 in MLS

When it comes to the game of football, we all know where it’s at. The rest of the world seems decades behind in the development of the game when compared to the current state of European football. There are very strong leagues in Europe – some of the strongest in the world. Nothing could ever match the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, and the Spanish La Liga. But

still, this is not to say that

the rest of the world has nothing to offer. Far from it being the case. The United States of America have a league of their own. And some pretty fantastic games have been played and goals have b

een scored in the MLS. You can read more about some of the best goals of 2018 in MLS in this article.

The best goals

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s magnificent volley shot (LA Galaxy vs. LAFC)

We must begin our list with none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic. If you follow the European football leagues, then you’ve definitely seen Zlatan in action. He has scored some truly tremendous goals (the inhuman bicycle kick from over 30 meters from the goal springs to mind). Well, he hasn’t lost a fragment of his talent and skills since he moved to LA Galaxy. And this can be seen from this goal. Zlatan gets a high ball, around 30 meters from the opponent’s goal. He wastes no time. He notices that the opponent’s goalkeeper is not where he should be. So, he places a phenomenal volley shot and scores a screamer of a goal. It truly is a fantastic sight to behold.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s acrobatic goal (LA Galaxy vs. Toronto FC)

We know, we know, the first two top MLS goals on our list are scored by the same pla

yer. But you will understand why this is the case if you witness the goal for yourself. Zlatan is in the middle of the penalty area. He gets a high cross. And then he moves his body and legs in such a synchronized fashion and scores a beautiful goal with almost an acrobatic skill. You can see right there and then that he really has a black belt in Taekwondo.

  1. Anton Tinnerholm’s rocket of a shot (NYCFC vs. Jose Earthquakes)

Anton Tinnerholm really gets to show his power and his fine touch all at the same time with this goal. It’s a goal from a corner. There is a scuffle in the penalty area and a player falls to the ground – it seems like the referee will award a penalty. But this does not interest Anton Tinnerholm. His eyes are firmly set on the falling ball. He sets his legs and body in position and shoots off a volley right as the ball is falling. The ball gets blasted with rocket speed, hits the bar, and enters the goal. This is a screamer of a goal and a sure-fire testosterone booster, at that.

  1. Samuel Armenteros’ perfect show of 

  2. skills (Portland Timbers vs. Colorado Rapids)

This is a goal that’s highly reminiscent of Dennis Bergkamp iconic goal against New Castle United in the English Premier League. This time, Samuel gets a ball with a player on his back. He touches the ball so that it goes on one side, while he moves from the other side. Both the ball and Samuel meet up behind the guarding player and in front of the goal keeper. With such show of calmness and confidence, he places a great shot in the goal. The keeper is powerless to intervene

In conclusion

These were some of the best goals of the season in MLS. We hope that you will enjoy seeing them time and time again in the future.

Best goals of 2018 in European Football

European Football can truly be a delightful sight. In every few games, there is a move done that can make you marvel at the magnificent skill of the player doing it. So, in every season, there are many fantastic goals that were scored by some of the best players in the world. Below you will get to see some of the best goals of 2018 in European Football.

  1. Gareth Bale’s insane bicycle kick against Liverpool (Real Madrid vs. Liverpool UEFA Champions League Final 2018)

This is an outstanding goal. And it’s even more so the case when you consider the fact that it’s scored in the final of the biggest football competition in the world. It starts innocuous enough. Marcelo gets the ball on the outside of the penalty area. He makes a move to throw off his opponent and then crosses the ball inside the penalty area. But the ball is still relatively far from the goal – and it’s headed towards Gareth Bale. A lesser player would try to control the ball and look for passes – or turn and shoot towards the goal. But not Gareth Bale. As he sees the ball, he flies into the air and, with a perfect show of skill, he does the perfect bicycle kick and scores a beautiful goal. The goalkeeper flies up in the air trying to get the ball – but he is powerless. Truly an outstanding goal.

  1. Philippe Coutinho’s perfectly placed shot off the post (Barcelona vs. Girona in La Liga)

Philippe Coutinho grabs a ball on the outside of the penalty area. He makes a move and then sets the ball up for a shot. He then proceeds to place the most technically proficient shot you can imagine. The shot travels for a long time and then hits the far post – and finishing behind the line. It’s a screamer.

  1. Griezmann’s bicycle kick (Atletico Madrid vs. Roma in UEFA Champions League)

You can see that the bicycle kicks are a big part of this list. And with good reason – this is a very difficult move to make. And it’s exceptionally difficult to score a goal with it.  Well, Griezmann has done it again – proving he’s definitely one of the best players in the world. To be fair, he was very near the goal and the goalkeeper was powerless to intervene. But it still is a magnificent goal.

  1. Dzeko’s screamer against Chelsea (Roma vs. Chelsea in UEFA Champions League)

Here’s a great match to see. Roma versus Chelsea in the European Champions League. The final result was 3-3. Both teams gave their best games they could. But if there is one moment to single out, then it would have to be Dzeko’s beautiful goal. He truly is a clinical striker. A Roma player gave a beautiful cross from the middle of the pitch into the penalty area. Dzeko understood that this is a killer ball and decided to use it – and he did not waste any time with superfluous movements. He smashed the ball right as it was falling – with a beautiful volley shot. The Chelsea goalkeeper was powerless to react to this.

In conclusion

These were the some of the best goals in European Football for 2018. There were many other beautiful goals, to be fair. It’s impossible to put them all in a small list. We hope you will get to enjoy the thrill of watching these beautiful goals yourself.